The decision appeared to May 5 bayfm event!

17:00 April 4, 2014: Updated NEWS

Appearance of May'n was decided bayfm event to be held in 1-8 hole (Mon) Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall May 5 to "Piaku presents bayfm Flea Market Paradise"!

It is scheduled to be published in addition to the radio live, to perform a singing performance on the day.
Stay tuned for more info on this event so will be announced at a later date!

Regarding your application TSUTAYA of "May'n · Anitsuta Present" campaign

18:01 March 31, 2014: Updated NEWS

Purchase application campaign that targeted album "NEW WORLD", is being carried out in TSUTAYA as "Love - colored in today" 1/29 release for the single "May'n · Anitsuta Present", part of the application postcard is returned that it is the we found.

For more information and support as follows, from Victor Entertainment distributor notice and ( Http://Www.Jvcmusic.Co.Jp/-/News/A021682/96.Html Because it is), received your application, it is appropriate I'm afraid very customers you started to, but have read on, you for your support, thank you sincerely notice.

Customer information

I have the patronage particular, I thank thick patronage.
This time, was implemented as your campaign limit which had you purchase at each store nationwide TSUTAYA "Love - colored in today" May'n 1/29 release single, album "NEW WORLD", "May'n · Anitsuta- that With regard to the present "campaign, part of the application postcard post office flagging down, had gotten sent back to customers who apply by mistake were found.
We're sorry, the visitor who had you apply much effort.
For application of this place, for your postcard has gone back to the hand, because it will be the guide of re-application by Victor Entertainment customer service, thank you to contact us at the following Contact Information Contact.

■ Inquiries:
Victor Entertainment, Inc. Customer Assistance Office [PC]
※ access to the home page, Fill out, please send your inquiry with (your name, phone number, e-mail address) mandatory to contact form.
[TEL] 0570-010-115 [accepted] Monday to Friday (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) / 10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 17:00
※ In the case of the phone, there is the case that the phone is less likely to lead temporarily in the case of a large number of call volume. Please note.

In addition, we have guidance by March 2 Deadline initially, with regard to customers who apply postcard had been sent back, you will be a lottery to accept submissions until the end of April.
Shipment of the prize because it will be postponed to the end of May, please notice.

※ announcement of the winner and let me change merged with shipping.
※ Please note that inquiries about winning, that it can not answer.
※ TSUTAYA shop, inquire about re-application of this place, we can not answer in TSUTATA online. We ask for your contact Contact Victor Entertainment.
※ postcard application which is returned it will be necessary when re-application, please bring it to your door so you do not lose.

The visitor who had been appropriate, that We apologize for the inconvenience, respectfully apologize.

"Morning of determination" decision for the opening theme of "Cinque TV of Girolamo" new show!

16:57 March 28, 2014: Updated NEWS

"Morning of determination" 4th album "NEW WORLD" collecting is, Nagoya broadcasting (Sat) April 5 - the opening theme of "Cinque TV of Girolamo" new show to be broadcast at (menu Tele) was decided!

Program details will be following.

Program logo

Cinque TV of Girolamo: program name
Broadcasting station: Nagoya Broadcasting Corporation (Metere)
Broadcast time: every Saturday 26:55 - 27:25 (first 4/5 OA)
Program special site: Http://Cinque-tv.Com/

♪ Please come see you

Music program "Music Dragon" starring decision!

17:00 March 26, 2014: Updated NEWS

Cast music program being broadcast at 28 stations nationwide net NTV series of "Music Dragon" has decided!
I will singing the "Lose My Illusions" from the 4th album "NEW WORLD".

Broadcast date: 28 stations * net broadcast date (Friday) 24:58 ~ series NTV nationwide April 4 will be different for each broadcast station. Please note

HP program: Http://Www.Ntv.Co.Jp/musicdragon/

Everyone, ♪ please have a look

"M3 ~ Sono黑Ki steel ~" anime PV published!

10:00 March 23, 2014: Updated NEWS

OP theme of TV anime broadcast schedule of "M3 ~ ~ Sono黑Ki steel" from April 21: Anime PV using the "Re REMEMBER" became the lifting of the ban in AnimeJapan2014 yesterday.

I see on YouTube

The public also in the "M3 ~ ~ Sono黑Ki steel" official site.

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