Appeared decision in December to Singapore "AFA2014"!

20:03 September 12, 2014: Updated NEWS

Starring "AFA 2014 (Anime Festival Asia 2014)" to the event of the Southeast Asia's largest scale to introduce widely the latest Japanese pop culture with a focus on animation has decided.

[Event Summary]

AFA 2014 - Anime Festival Asia2014
December 5, 2014 (Friday) / 6 (Sat) / 7 (Sun)
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

I LOVE ANISONG concert performer
Other Nagi May'n, Aoi Eir, FLOW, fripSide, GARNiDELiA, DJ sum, LiSA, willow

◆ appearance date, details of the performance time will be announced at a later date.
◆ will be announced as soon as they are determined ticket release date, price, and how to purchase.

HP event

News of the "dots and lines" tour venue goods sales start time

18:00 September 10, 2014: Updated NEWS

This is to inform you of the goods sales start time at each performance!

(Sat) Nagano Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX 14 13: September 00 ~
(Sun) Takasaki, Gunma club FLEEZ 13 14: September 00 ~
(Sat) Matsue, Shimane groove machine 15 September 20: 00 ~
(Sun) Okayama CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM 13 21: September 30 ~
(Mon) Yamaguchi Shunan Chiquita 14 September 23: 30 ~

* The sale start time, it is subject to change by the situation of the day are also available, please note.

Sales lineup tour goods special page is posted during.
In addition, I intend to announce sequentially in the above page also sell start time of the later performances, please check the performance before us!

"Dots and lines" C tour dates goods Announced!

18:00 September 2, 2014: Updated NEWS

I kept you waiting! Pleased to announce the sale goods to start than weekend Yokohama show now at the "dots and lines" C tour dates!

★ The goods introduction video by director Announcement

★ lineup

[Tour goods]

Tour goods list image

Pamphlet 2,200 yen Nendoroid May'n 4,400 yen Original Parker (S / M / L) 5,500 yen 2,100 yen Muffler Towel carabiner multi pouch shoulder strap 1,500 yen 1,500 yen Muffler Towel portable strap (with earphone jack) 1,300 yen
NEW shoulder bag 700 yen
¥ 300 LIVE Sticker (3 pieces set) 700 yen bracelet type light

[Each venue limited goods]
(Set of two) 1,100 yen your local acrylic Charm

Limited sales [C · D schedule limited goods] 2015/2/22 up (Sun) Tokyo show

C · D schedule limited Goods List image

T-shirt two color: black / white size four: S / M / L / XL each 3,600 yen silicon band (2 sets) 1,100 yen 2,500 yen travel pouch

Limited sales [C schedule limited goods] 12/21 up (day) Saitama performances

C dates limited Goods List image

Each 4,200 yen M / L: Long T-shirt size two
1,800 yen 2WAY knit hat

Towards each 500 yen * La funk section member black / white:. Color two limited time sale silicon band funk La section ver [fan club members only · C schedule limited goods] 12/21 up (day) Saitama performances You can purchase only.

※ The price is all consumption tax.
※ The product image is an image. Please understand that if it is different from the actual product is also available.
※ (you might be subject to change in the overseas performances) that will be the line-up in Japan performances above lineup.

Sales start from 9/7 (Sun) Yokohama BayHall venue this weekend!
(It is 13:00 goods sales start time of the day)

On the check, please purchase at the venue by all means!

Appeared in the "2014 FESTIVAL Hello Japan" event!

21:00 September 1, 2014: Updated NEWS

Can enjoy-with-experience to see, a variety of content that was born from the culture from Japan, appeared to pop culture event was decided.

"FESTIVAL 2014 Japan Hello"
12:00 pm 13:00 (Sun) Doors open at September 28, 2014 Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium date and time

The scheduled time of appearance will be announced shortly.
Starring May'n 16: we have 30 Goroo plan.

Check the official site "FESTIVAL 2014 Japan Hello" for details!

"Behind of" dots and lines "" 5th video published!

18:00 August 15, 2014: Updated NEWS

Project close to the back of the Japan & World Tour of May'n biggest and longest "Behind of" dots and lines ""!

5th ed San Francisco!
It has recorded plenty of filming in the beautiful city of SF and performances, live in a traditional house.

I see on YouTube

▼ Back Issues

First step: Indonesia - Singapore
May'n Behind of dots and lines # 1

2nd: Taiwan
May'n Behind of dots and lines # 2

3rd: Kyoto - Fukui - Toyama
May'n Behind of dots and lines # 3

4th: Iwate, Akita ~ ~ Los Angeles
May'n Behind of dots and lines # 4

◎ publication summarizes the back numbers in May'n Official YouTube Channel!

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